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With VisionQuest

Your Wealth Becomes Aligned With Your Life

VisionQuest Wealth Management is committed to serving a limited number of individuals, families and businesses who have discovered that managing their wealth has become increasingly complex. With a revolutionary approach, our mission is to ensure that our clients achieve their lifetime and financial goals.


VisionQuest offers a significantly better, systematic approach to managing wealth.  Our highly personalized system allows us to intimately understand what success means to you and to build a lifelong relationship that fosters success. We evaluate strategies designed to meet your personal vision, values, and goals.

With VisionQuest

You Are Our #1 Priority

VisionQuest Wealth Management is committed to delivering the highest level of personalized service for our clients. Our boutique approach provides us the opportunity to build a client-led service model that is truly personalized to meet your needs. Our team understands that every client is unique and believes that every client should be treated as such. 

With VisionQuest

Breadth of Expertise is at your Fingertips

Our company is committed to revolutionizing the way wealth is managed. We help to crystallize your overall vision and to work towards the attainment of your goals. We do not offer a single, rigid financial product or solution, but expert team advice and a value-based approach.


VisionQuest Wealth Management has developed a unique team structure supported by wealth management experts demonstrating competency across a broad range of financial issues. Building professional relationships and structuring our team in this unique way allows us to offer wealth management expertise in various areas. This helps to ensure that you receive the benefit of credible advice and solutions customized to your needs.