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Economic Update: January 2017 – Another Plow Horse Quarter

Confidence surveys have soared since the election. The Conference Board’s future expectations measure hit the highest level since 2003 and the NFIB small business confidence index rose at its fastest pace ever. Other surveys are up too, but I believe that it will take much more than “an election” to lift economic growth from its […]

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Fourth Quarter 2016 Investment Commentary

The Take-Away The combination of volatile financial markets, global turmoil, a presidential election and many other contributing factors made 2016 both exciting and challenging for all of us.  As we look back on 2016, we all remember that the first month saw a 10.5% decline in the S&P 500 and then a rebound that moved […]

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Economic Update: A Different Kind of Christmas Story!

Merry Christmas to you! This is the last economic update of the year, but as we prepare to celebrate the holiday season with our families, I felt that I would present something completely different. As we end 2016, there is plenty of data to examine and comments to be made by me in regards to […]

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If It Isn’t Busted – Break It

We are probably all familiar with the axiom that “perception is reality.” And if that is true, then we can take that line of reasoning to its next logical conclusion. If perception truly is our reality, then we can deduce that what we perceive as reality is largely open for discussion. The truth that is […]

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Don’t Market-Time the Election

At the end of last week and despite very good earnings reports from companies, the S&P 500 was down nine days in a row, the longest negative streak since 1980. The total decline was just 3.1%, but the decline has been relentless and deflating to investor psychology. In my view, there are two key reasons […]

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October Economic Update: Defining the Dumper with Some Facts

Recently, one of our clients kindly explained in an email to Senior Vice President Randall Griggs that our viewpoints are too optimistic when it comes to the economy. “The economy is in the dumper and real unemployment is between 16-20% since over 90 million people could and should be working and are not working,” he […]

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Third Quarter 2016 Market Commentary

Well, it wasn’t a stampede, but the “bulls” did return to the market in the 3rd quarter. To us, the big news event during this last quarter was the Brexit sell-off followed-up by the quick market recovery and then the bullishness that flowed into July as the S&P 500 surged ahead to set multiple record […]

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Generational Wealth: Engaging the Next Generation

According to a 2012 report from Accenture, $30 trillion is the amount of wealth the baby boomer generation will be transitioning to Generation X and Millennials over the next 30 years.  And if that number is startling, 70% of the nation’s wealthy will see their wealth disappear by the end of the second generation and […]

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Economic Update: The Fed Punted Again

VisionQuest Clients: Once again, the Federal Reserve kicked the rate hike down the road, but it certainly looks likely that rates will be increased in December 2016. To me, the biggest news from today wasn’t the Fed’s unwillingness to raise rates because if the Fed has been seriously considering a rate hike, I think they […]

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The Personal CFO Model: Sharing the Decision-Making

This week, we are holding a very interesting educational seminar in Raleigh on the Future of Health Care and the cutting edge, Concierge Health Care Model. For those that can’t attend this week, this seminar will be replicated in Richmond and Charlotte in the upcoming months. As I review the material being presented by our […]

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VisionQuest’s Joe Baker interviewed on ABC News in Charleston

VisionQuest’s Senior Vice-President, Joe Baker, was recently interviewed by ABC News 4 television in Charleston, South Carolina regarding the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) moving to a historic high. See link:  http://abcnews4.com/news/business-news/expert-provides-insight-on-dow-jones-historic-day Joe explains in his interview that there are some psychological benefits when an index crosses an all-time high, but it has little significance […]

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